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Origin Vets was conceived as a veterinary service with a difference. We deal exclusively with non-domestic species. Exotic pets, birds, zoological collections, wildlife and fisheries all come under our care. It is run by Dr. Lance Jepson MA VetMB CBiol MSB MRCVS, Dr. Sophie Jenkins BVetMed PgC EAS MRCVS and Dr. Tom Bailey BSc, BVSc, MRCVS, CertZooMed,  MSc, PhD, Dip ECZM, RCVS Specialist in Zoo and Wildlife Medicine, who collectively have a very wide experience with a huge range of species – from invertebrates to megafauna. In other words from rhinoceros beetles to rhinos – Origin Vets can deal with them all.

Origin Vets are active within the zoo and exotic vet community with memberships of the British Veterinary Zoological Society, Association of Avian Veterinarians, Association of Reptile and Amphibian Veterinarians and the European Association of Zoo and Wildlife Veterinarians. We are also a Chicken Vet associated practice.

Origin Vets is based in (but not restricted to!) south Wales and we are available routinely at our partner surgeries (see Where to find us)

If you wish to contact Origin Vets please contact your nearest partner surgery to arrange an appointment or to discuss your needs.

Origin Vets

Welcome to our Facebook page. Origin Vets is a veterinary service dedicated to the care of zoo, aquatic and unusual pets. It is run by Dr Lance Jepson MRCVS, Dr Sophie Jenkins MRCVS, Dr Tom Bailey MRCVS and Dr Kevin Jones MRCVS, four vets with wide experience of a whole range of non-domestic species. From tarantulas to peregrine falcons, goldfish to giraffes (and with a smattering of racoons, rabbits, rattlesnakes and raptors in the middle) we at Origin Vets are happy to treat and advise on their care and welfare. Other vets see domestic animals – we treat the rest! Our contact details can be found on To give the best possible service that we can, we strongly advise that if you are worried or need professional advice about your animal, please call the nearest of our partner surgeries and book an appointment to see either Sophie, Tom, Kevin or Lance. Our Facebook page is here to help you keep in touch with what we at Origin Vets are doing. Unfortunately we cannot comment or give advice/diagnoses via this page – we’ll leave that to the quacks on the forums. If you wish to see Sophie, Tom, Kevin or Lance for an appointment you’ll need to contact one of our host practices. Thanks, Sophie, Tom, Kevin and Lance.
Origin Vets
Origin VetsSunday, March 18th, 2018 at 10:35pm
Computer cables and speaker wiring is on the menu too according to many of our rabbit-owning clients!
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Origin Vets
Origin Vets added 4 new photos.Saturday, March 17th, 2018 at 7:28am
Meet Hocus and Pocus.
These are two rescue ferrets. Their owner brough them in for a health check. A full physical exam found that Hocus had full anal glands that needed expressing and that both of them had ear mites (mite seen on microscope picture, we appologise for the blurry pic)
A full dietary review was included too.
Some medication later and they should be clear of ear mites very quickly.
We think they are just adorable!
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Origin Vets
Origin VetsFriday, March 2nd, 2018 at 7:55pm

Due to adverse weather conditions, Originvets are unable to provide consultations. If you have an emergency please ring your closest vet for advice. We appologise for any inconvienience

Originvets hope every stays safe .

Any outdoor animals such as Rabbits please ensure the waterbowls and bottles are free from ice. Use plenty of thick bedding and hay. Where possible prevent any winds entering the enclosures. Keep an eye on their normal behaviour eating drinking and poos. It is not advised to bring rabbits indoors unless the water js u abke to e kept from freezing. A conservatory or unheated room is best due to extreme changes in the temperature causing problems to an aclimatised rabbit for the winter. However please check on outdoor animals them regularly especially the water.
For fish please ensure the pond is ice free
For hibernating tortoises. If any are outside including sheds and you are able to check them please monitor the temperatures. Ideal for hibernation is 5 to 8 c. Below zero can coz severe frostbite and blindness. If you are worried then bring them indoors and maintain them at hibernating temperature

Keep warm and safe

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Origin Vets
Origin Vets added 5 new photos.Thursday, March 1st, 2018 at 7:00am
Meet our superstar of the week..... this little girl was taken on as a rescue piggie a few months ago. She has always been a quiet girl and quite jumpy.
However last week her very observant owners noticed thaf she was very quiet and was struggling with food and rapidly dropping weight. They also notice she had nasal discharge.
See if you can work out fron the xrays what ahe had lodged in her hard palate (roof of her mouth)

ANSWER: it was a piece of wire pressing up into the hard palate between the root of the incisor and the root of the first premolar on the left side. Possibke a staple from a newspaper.
A quick operation later and ahe is now one very happy piggie again . She is now lively and more friendly already.

One does wonder with the personality change, how long it had been there . Just shows what little guys cope with without realising it. The owners were not in any wrong here, as she was eating drinking passing normal poos and active just a quiet voiced piggy compared to others. It was due to their close observations of her sudden change that promted the ownrrs to take swift action. Maybe the wire had moved and worked its way into the palate.
We are just so pleased that she has started to popcorn again!
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Origin Vets
Origin VetsWednesday, February 21st, 2018 at 3:44am
And finally, as living whirling dervish proof that size doesn’t matter, Ichthyobodo (or Costia to it’s older friends...)
Origin Vets
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