Dedicated veterinary care for Zoo, Avian, Aquatic & Unusual Pets

For an appointment with ORIGIN VETS call us on

0333 800 1602

Covid restrictions are lifting and we’re starting to get back to a semblance of normal. From the week beginning April 4th 2022 we will start to allow clients to accompany their pets into our clinics for consultations. We are however very conscious that Covid is still around and that it can impact on anyone’s health and business responsibilities. Therefore until further notice from the above date we will be operating as:

  1.  If you or a close family member have symptoms of coronavirus, have recently tested positive on PCR or lateral flow, or are awaiting a result, we ask that you rearrange your appointment.
  2. Some of the consultation rooms we use are too small to allow adequate social distancing so there is no requirement to come in if  you do not want to. You are welcome to wait outside in your car while we examine your animal if you’re happy to do so.
  3. If you wish to be present, only one adult can join us in the consultation room.
  4. You must wear a facemask unless you have proof of a medical exemption. This is to protect you, our staff and the staff of our partner practices. We also must consider that some of the pets that we see, such as ferrets and hamsters, are potentially susceptible to Covid too and as vets we have a duty of care to them too.
  5. The cost for a consultation is £67.50 (see Pricing on our Terms of Trade page for more information).
  • As face to face consultations return and our right as a profession to dispense prescriptions remotely has been rescinded by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS), we will be scaling back our telemedicine consultations. 
  • Origin Vets reserve the right to alter the above at short notice in order to respond to changes in the local Covid situation, Government legislation and RCVS advice.
  • Please note that our services have been seriously oversubscribed so in an attempt to reduce waiting times  we have decided to temporariliy close our books to new rabbit and guinea pig cases. This includes routine operations such as castrations, speys and dental cases, as well as referrals and second opinions of these species to us from other practices. We feel that the owners of these pets can reasonably expect a professional level of care from any small animal veterinary practice. Existing rabbit and guinea pig patients will be continue to be seen as before, although routine neutering will not be undertaken. Our services for all other exotic species including reptiles, birds and other small mammal species (such as ferrets and fancy rats) will remain unaffected. This decision will be kept under review.
  • Also because of the high volume of cases, we would like to remind you that ‘No shows’ and missed appointments may be charged out at £20.00 – see Missed Appointments on our Terms of Trade page. 

We will keep you informed via our website as the situation develops and changes.

Welcome to Origin Vets

Origin Vets was conceived as a veterinary service with a difference.  Exotic pets, birds, zoological collections, wildlife and fisheries all come under our care. Origin Vets is run by Dr. Lance Jepson MA VetMB CBiol MRSB MRCVS and Dr. Tom Bailey BSc, BVSc, MRCVS, CertZooMed,  MSc, PhD, Dip ECZM, RCVS Specialist in Zoo and Wildlife Medicine, who together have a very wide experience with a huge range of species – from invertebrates to megafauna. In other words from rhinoceros beetles to rhinos – Origin Vets can deal with them all.

At Origin Vets we treat and advise exclusively on non-domestic species. So whatever is your passion, we take your animals seriously. We’re not your standard dog and cat vets. All of our CPD (Continuing Professional Development) is focused on your animals  – be that pythons, ferrets, tarantulas or elephants –  so we can help them better and give you the service that you want for your animal. 

Origin Vets is independant too; Origin Vets is not owned by the veterinary corporate companies like so many practices are, although we do work together with some forward thinking corporate-owned (as well as privately owned) practices to give you a local-based access to experienced exotics’ vets.

Origin Vets are active within the zoo and exotic vet community with memberships of the British Veterinary Zoological Society, Association of Avian Veterinarians, Association of Reptile and Amphibian Veterinarians and the European Association of Zoo and Wildlife Veterinarians. We are also a Chicken Vet associated practice.

Origin Vets is based in (but not restricted to!) south west Wales and we are available routinely at our partner surgeries (see Where to find us).

Contacting Origin Vets

Appointments: If you wish your animal to be seen by Origin Vets, in the first instance please telephone our dedicated appointment and messaging service on:

 0333 800 1602

Between the hours of 8.30a.m. to 6.00p.m. Monday -Friday, plus Saturdays 9.00a.m.- 4.00p.m. our personal assistants will be able to book you into the earliest and nearest of our partner clinics with one of our vets.

Advice Calls. At present we only offer an advice service to our existing clients. If you are not registered with Origin Vets we will always recommend that your animal is booked in for an appointment. We will not advise on husbandry or clinical cases for animals that we have not seen ourselves. This applies to the prescribing or supply of medicines for such cases too. Please see our notes on Consultations and Referrals and Second Opinions on our Terms of Trade page.

Local Authorities, Commercial clients, Educational Establishments and similar: please call the above number in the first instance with an indication of what you are wanting and we will return your call. Also check out our page for Zoos and Commercial clients.

Emergencies: If are an existing client and you have a genuine emergency outside of the times stated please leave a message on the above number 0333 800 1602 and we will get back to you as soon as we are able. More information is available in our section Out of Hours and Bank Holidays on our Terms of Trade page.

What? No Sophie?

Well, not exactly. Origin Vets has grown over the years as we have continued to provide veterinary services to a wide range of exotic pets, educational establishments and zoological collections in Wales and further afield. Now Sophie is consolidating her position as south Wales’ premier exotics’ vet by developing her own practice, Origin Vets Clinic, a sister company to Origin Vets based in and around the Cardiff area. For appointments with Sophie please telephone 02922362166 or visit her website.